eCommerce in the contemporary times

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Ecommerce business today is growing by leaps and bounds. Fortunately the restrictions imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be a boon for ecommerce by hastening the digital transformation of businesses globally. Lately, COVID-19 has induced rapid online buying behavior generating amplified consumption of mobile devices, digital media, and personalized services triggering many-a-eCommerce trend. Influence of social media marketing has enabled SMEs to reach international consumers quite easily, helping SMEs grow their customer base. Affiliate marketing and interactive videos let potential visitors to buy featured products directly from there without having to visit the products specific websites. Photos, videos, and graphics content have “Buy” buttons and embedded links to the products on social media for easy access to prospective buyers. Moreover, interactive content such as polls, contests, quizzes, webinars, product demos, custom designed products, calculators etc., keep the consumers engaged for a long time.

Nowadays, business to customer ecommerce is overtaken by business to business ecommerce because it is fast evolving with growth in up-selling and cross-selling of goods and services, and better self-service choices.
Global brands keep close watch on users and their time spending habits, and eventually move there. With users’ explosion on social media, marketing through FaceBook, Instagram or YouTube has become a cake walk for online business entities leading to “Social eCommerce” trend.
Unlike mortar-and-brick stores, many retailers are selling their products or services through various channels – offline, online and social media, heading towards “omnichannel” experience which orchestrates a single inventory, single buying gateway, and uniform customer support experience for fulfilling complete buying cycles. Based on sales funnel behavior, omnichannel marketing produces seamless messages that rightly fits customers, offering a personalized experience.

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